• Tech Jam podcast episode 8 series 1 image

    S1E8 – Kubectl run devops

    On this delicious episode of the TechJam Podcast we’re talking DevOps! We chat about why DevOps deserves the hype and how it’s not just a technology transformation but also an […]

  • S1E7 – cicd:pipeline

    S1E7 – cicd:pipeline

    We are back again with an episode to tackle CI/CD, what it is and why you should have a pipeline on your project. We disarm the illusion of CI/CD being […]

  • S1E6 – stacks of stacks

    S1E6 – stacks of stacks

    In this jamming episode of the TechJam podcast we talk choosing stacks and why we think some languages and frameworks disrupt the way we develop. We also give the top […]

  • TechJam podcast episode 5

    S1E5 – video src dev_films

    It’s time to have a bit of fun in this episode of the TechJam podcast! We’re talking about our favourite tech TV series and movies and chat about some of […]

  • S1E4 – ssh iot@techjam.dev

    S1E4 – ssh iot@techjam.dev

    Today we're talking all thing IOT! The hardware opensource movement that has given rise to all sorts of new industries and products and enabled makers and hobbyists around the world to have a significant impact on the future.

  • S1E3 – Hub pull-request opensource

    S1E3 – Hub pull-request opensource

    This episode we talk all things Open source (OSS)! Including why you should contribute to OSS and the benefits of doing so, how you find open source projects and how […]

  • Tech Jam Podcast - S1E2 - NPM run ios && npm run android

    S1E2 – npm run ios && npm run android

    This episode we chat about mobile app development, the developer and user experience, the history of development, the hot cross platform frameworks react native & flutter, some thoughts on where […]

  • Tech Jam s1e1

    S1E1 – Git Init Origin_Story

    In this episode DeveloperAlly, Liam and DeveloperSteve share their developer origin stories and how they became developer advocates. Tune in each episode as we talk about the latest tech, emerging […]