S1E8 – Kubectl run devops

On this delicious episode of the TechJam Podcast we’re talking DevOps!

We chat about why DevOps deserves the hype and how it’s not just a technology transformation but also an agile, people-focussed, work process and the benefits that can bring.

We also discuss some of the pain points we’ve seen when implementing a good devOps practice and some tips on overcoming them, and touch on devOps tooling and how CICD and DevOps work together.

We’d love to hear your DevOps stories, so get in touch with us @thetechjam on insta and twitter!

Liam Hampton also has an awesome series of write-ups on CICD and DevOps that you can check out here: https://dev.to/liamchampton/build-test-deploy-your-go-app-using-ibm-cloud-toolchain-1onc